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The origins of sacrifice in ritual are long and varied.  Ancient priests everywhere sacrificed animals to worship and speak to their gods.  Myths and legends include Isaac and Abraham, or Agamemnon and the sacrifice of his daughter Iphigenia to reach Troy.  Ritual magic can use blood sacrifice in a sacred space, in combination with costume, chanting and burning different substances in a brazier to induce psychological effects necessary for the summoning of spirits.  The materials burnt can have hallucinogenic properties such as henbane or opium, whether the spirits that materialize are just hallucinations is up for debate.  In alchemical logic, the smoke escaping the brazier is the actual "spirit " and a image of the god being worked with will often appear in the fumes. Either way, what happens to the magician is quite real in his own subjective experience, and these trance states can be used for a variety of purpose including gaining knowledge, divination and healing.  


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Blood Ritual Print