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Elongated skulls have been found in burial sites all over the world from Peru, Chile, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Egypt, Sumeria and China.  Apparently ancient cultures everywhere practiced head binding to elongated the cranium.  What's interesting is that most elongated burials were found amongst the elite classes and seemed to signify status. What were these people emulating?  Their Gods? While mainstream researchers and archaeologists will tell you that all of these skulls are intentionally modified, the fact is that they share many features that normal human skulls do not.  These include larger eye sockets, bigger brain capacity, different cranial sutures, extra plates, and mysterious holes in the back of the skull.  There have also been elongated fetuses found which should dismiss the story of all of these being artificial deformation.  So what are they?  An early hominid species of civilizers long forgotten except in ancient myths?  Nephalim hybrids?  Early giants?  Lost Gods?


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Longheads Print set