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What we think of as ancient Gods were either personified forces of nature, or often deified ancestors remembered for great deeds.  Myths of ancient Gods often contain veiled references to actual people and forgotten historical events. Departed ancestors were held in especially high esteem and cults were created to worship and respect our departed relatives. People created idols to these deities, which were believed to house the spirits of these departed ancestors or gods, and burnt incense and offered them food and drink in remembrance and to prevent future calamity.  Ancient and even modern peoples believe that by offering sacrifices and performing rituals, the dead or spirits could be communicated with, or even grant favors to the living.  Modern museums often contain statues with noses broken off, the legacy of conquering armies denying the defeated gods their sacrifices.  Victorious armies/cities/cultures throughout history would also absorb defeated gods changing names or ideas to match their culture.  As in the Roman Jupiter(Zues-Pater/Father) coming from the Greek Zeus. This would later become Jesus (YA-ZEUS or YAY-ZEUS) in the Christian Era.


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Offerings and Ancestors Print Set