One color print on soft next level 3600 t


12,800 years ago a massive climate event took place on our earth.  One theory proposes that fragments of a large disintegrating asteroid or comet struck North America, South America, Europe, and Western Asia.  Mythologies all over the world speak of a flaming serpent in the sky and the world ending in fire.  Debris in the sky could have caused a nuclear winter all over the globe, resulting in massive parts of the earth being covered in glaciers.  As the globe came out of this mini ice age, glaciers would have melted causing massive flooding all over the earth.  There is evidence for sea levels rising about 60 meters or almost 200 hundred feet around 11,500 years ago.  We also have myths of a global flood that destroyed the world in almost every culture on earth.  Was there a civilization existing before this event?  Most of the evidence would be under the sea as we have always built our cities near water.  Could survivors of this lost civilization spread across the globe and restarted life as we know it?  Hey I don’t know but it’s fun to think about, and you can let people know you’re thinking about it too with this new T. 

Younger Dryas T-Shirt