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All paintings in this book were created in 2018  


Since prehistory humans have sought to discover the unknown.  What we think of now as science is an evolution of ancient learning that included geometry and astronomy.  Since antiquity, mostly this knowledge was hidden away in the temples or taught to initiates of different mystery schools.  The philosopher priests of these schools kept their wisdom from the uninitiated by hiding their knowledge in myth and symbols.  That way even if the one telling the story didn’t know the true meaning behind it, one initiated in the mysteries would be able to understand it on another level.  The Sumerian astronomer/priest, the Greek oracle, or the medieval alchemist are all repositories of this hidden or occult knowledge.  Another teaching of these schools was the use of the mystical experience to reach enlightenment.  These schools trained their initiates to reach higher levels of consciousness through the use of certain rituals and practices.  Early Christians such as the Gnostics, sought Christ through out of body experiences possibly through the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms.  Hermeticists traveled the higher planes and communed with the planetary Gods through similar methods.  Everywhere you look in our present day is a legacy of these ancient teachings that have mostly been white washed to make them palatable to the mainstream.  This body of work represents my research into these ancient traditions, and some of their legacy throughout time and today. 

Liber Mystia

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